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Los Angeles & Ventura County Structured Sober Living – A Recovery program that actually works.

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A sustainable Recovery Program built on Structure and Community

Our Philosophy

The Oak Forest Recovery structured sober living model was built on the principles of accountability, safety, true recovery and a building towards a sustainable community. We created a program that consists of high structure with compassionate care at its core. Delivering on these promises, our entire team of behavioral technicians and lead house managers are graduates and active alumni that have transitioned into hired positions. We completely embody the phrase originally set by our founder RJ Elizarraz: “We don’t ask you to do anything that we ourselves didn’t do and continue to do on a daily basis.” On this basis, we are building a way of life, a new way of being, a complete change and shift that is the foundation necessary for truly lasting recovery from alcohol addiction and substance abuse issues.

“We are absolutely dedicated to finding the right help for you or your loved one” – RJ Elizarraz, Founder

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Lead Manager

Behavioral Tech

Lead Manager

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RJ Elizarraz
– Founder & CEO

RJ’s continuing mission is to provide more and better support to people struggling with addiction and mental health problems.



RJ grew up in the Conejo Valley Region of Southern California just north of Los Angeles. He was raised in a healthy environment by loving and successful parents. By the time he was 17, he had been expelled from several high schools. 2 years later, he was a full time drug addict. Over the next decade, a long slow drug induced decline finally ended in homelessness. When he finally hit bottom, his friends had given up on him and his family was exhausted. He turned his life around by doing everything his mind to told him to resist. He opened himself up to a new way of living. He sought out others who had gotten cleaned & sober (and followed their advice). He joined a 12 step program and made it is NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. In the process, a miracle occurred in his life. His old sense of self obsession gave way to a new purpose of helping others. He became completely committed to seeing others recover the way he did. His first venture was a high structure men’s sober living. The success of that home lead to a women’s sober living. And then a third sober living which consists of 3 houses on one property – all gender specific. He now oversees the operation of 5 sober living homes in the Agoura/Westlake/Thousand Oaks area. To give even more help to people who are struggling with mental health and addiction issues, he opened an PHP/IOP treatment center in Agoura/Westlake. RJ’s continuing mission is to provide more and better support to people struggling with addiction and mental health problems.