Finding Oak Forest Recovery was a blessing for our family. It was important for our son to feel comfortable, but also be in a safe house, for us.

We’re a very close knit family and Oak Forest encourages family participation. For 3 months, we were there for Tuesday night family dinners. Even RJ’s dad, Robert, was involved making delicious meals. Family support is highly encouraged, to help aid in the clients recovery.

Once we entered the gate, driving down this long driveway, I liked what I saw. There was almost 2 acres of secluded, tree studded land. Not a house, right next to another house, in a regular neighborhood. We met the director Jerry and owner RJ, who talked to us and explained how their experiences in recovery and Oak Forest’s philosophy works. Next was a tour of the house. My son liked what he saw. Huge couch in the tv room, pool table room, computer room, piano, very modern kitchen and huge dining room. I liked what I saw, an organized, clean, large and friendly home. There were multiple hanging boards with clients names on them. One was for weekly choirs. All are assigned jobs, they each are responsible in doing for the next 7 days. Another chart, I call the encouragement board. Date of each client’s first day of sobriety, and which steps they are currently working on. We were told there is a strict weekly structure living at Oak Forest.

For example the guys are awakened at 5:30am, breakfast, then an AA meeting and at 8:30am it’s off to the gym. My son was able to work at his full time job and then go to IOP therapy, 3 hours, 3 times a week. Plus multiple AA meetings.

Finally, Oak Forest is even more than I described. Thursday night bbq and a fire pit, open AA meeting. Special guest speakers, who are past clients, Phd therapists, or MD’s who specialize in addiction. They would speak in the Acorn building, which is right next to the house. Men who need to attend DUI classes, IOP sessions, court appearances or AA meetings, are driven to and from these locations. It’s a priority to make sure all are taken care of. RJ, Jerry and Marcos are available 24/7 to the clients. I can personally vouch for that. They genuinely care about the well being and success of all their guys. They use their knowledge and experience to help them succeed. I must give Jerry a special shout out. I have so much appreciation for all the help and mentoring you gave me and my son. THANK YOU!!


Much love and prayers,