Dear RJ, For the first time in many years I believe my son Jordan has an excellent chance at a bright future. Six months ago I didn’t know if he would make it to his next birthday.

You have provided him with not only support and encouragement, but a new way of living.

I believe your philosophy of keeping busy during early recovery and incorporating healthy eating and exercise has made a real difference this time. You’ve shown him how to live a healthy life, to be consistent with his daily routine and I can see a sense of self worth in him now.

He’s getting stronger all the time.
Sober living has to be more then food and a safe place to sleep.

It’s hard work to fight your way back from addiction. I believe he is now at the place where the struggle has been worth it.

To say thank you doesn’t come close to expressing my appreciation.

I’m so proud of him and thankful to you for helping him find recovery and a future.