Early sobriety was the most important and powerful time in my life.

What Oak Forest provided was a place to get away from the common environment where I used and drank.
A “Home” with a chance to create new memories. A place where I was not alone, sharing space with other men with the same common goal; that is to stay clean and sober one day at a time.

Oak Forest provided a beautiful setting to get a reboot on life. The home is new, fresh, clean, and most important safe! If you have no clue on what getting clean and sober looks like, Oak Forest is a step in the right direction. During my stay I found structure with RJ at the helm. A place to bond with men while going to meetings, hitting the gym, and sharing amazing conversations about life in sobriety over dinner.

I was looking for a place to change old behaviors, and what I found Oak Forest assisted me in a life transformation.