To Whom It May Concern:

I have waited several months to write this testimonial because I wanted to be sure that my mind was absolutely clear. During the two weeks before my arrival at Oak Forest I was literally at death’s door at a hospital in Southern California with the effects of acute alcohol poisoning. I had multiple organs in the process of failing, along with the usual classic symptoms associated with that level of toxicity. When I was finally released from detox I was driven to Oak Forest to begin the next phase of my recovery. I was scared, frail and depressed.

Immediately after my arrival at the center I began to feel better. Although unused to a supervised environment and living with a houseful of guys, I resigned myself to accept whatever the program had to offer me, as opposed to resenting it. I cannot say enough about the acceptance, support, care and yes, brotherly love, that I experienced at the center. I immediately began attending twice daily meetings with the guys and was again overwhelmed at the sheer joy I felt and experienced among the people at AA meetings. I give a special thanks to R.J.–who manages the house–along with Marcos, Jerry and a few others who serve in a more administrative capacity than most of the general residents. As for those guys all I can do is offer a big communal hug.

At this time I am back at my home, a considerable distance away, and am active in my local AA fellowship. I fully intend upon my next visit to Southern California to visit the house, share my experiences and attend a meeting or two with this amazing, dedicated group of men.

Sincerely….Jack L