My name is Kyle Stirtzinger. I came into Oak Forest Recovery in June 2019 after years of out of control alcoholism. I came to a point in my alcoholism where I no longer had control of my drinking , I went to bed drinking and I could not start my day without drinking.

I was given Jerries number through a family friend and reached out for about a month because I was not ready to give in and let go of trying to have control.

Finally I surrendered and made the decision to show up and see what Oak Forest was all about . I immediately felt a weight lifted from my shoulders the second I arrived at Oak Forest. Jerry and Rj assured me I was in good hands and I was in such a low place that it felt good to feel that way.

During my 3 month stay at Oak Forest the biggest thing that I learned that I hadn’t learned in my past attempts to get sober was the importance of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I had never worked the steps, gotten a sponsor and commitment or had a home group, and wow the impact of just doing those simple things is amazing.

Oak Forest gave me a stable, safe and supportive place to build a foundation that I could grow from once leaving. I built strong genuine relationships with people in the program that have continued to keep me accountable and made me feel supported as I continue to grow in recovery . I am so grateful that through Jerry and Rj I was given the opportunity to experience what being sober is all about and am excited to give back the love and support that was given to me.