Riley smiles now and he never has before. It comes from within.

That transformation is life-altering. It ripples through our family and everyone he encounters.

Through Oak Forest Recovery and the powerful AA community he has found there, he is now able to stop seeking ways to numb himself from the emptiness but instead fill it with community and a higher power. Riley did not come to Oak Forest wanting to change, but somehow RJ, Jerry, Marcus, and the Oak Forest community set the stage for a shift to happen deeply within him that entirely altered his motivations and acceptance of responsibility.

I believe that he now sees a lifetime of possibilities before him that he could not see before. These changes have freed him to share his gifts with others, and allow the world now to see the amazing person that he is. Our entire family is healing as a result. My gratefulness to RJ, Jerry and Oak Forest comes from deep within my heart and is endless for helping our precious son to find his way.