I’ve been a resident of many rehabs/sober livings throughout my disease and I have to say, the Oak Forest (Female Facility) by far was of the most memorable experience/ environment.

In my opinion, it all begins with the Manager which is Paige. She truly cares for all the clients, she is an amazing leader, and she is 100% involved in all aspects. Also, she is one of us/in recovery meaning she understands our struggles and challenges and she wants ALL of us to succeed. Paige is passionate of her job.

During my stay: Paige went out of her way to help me. I was living at another sober living which was toxic and she picked me up and took me to the Oaks Forest location without us knowing one another. I reached out to the Oaks Forest reason being, I was watching her actions at meetings and the clients that lived there and went to IOP were all solid. They all were strong and worked a strong AA program. Paige checked on our step work progression once a week at our house meeting and asked us daily how she can help, each and every one of us.

Besides ALL the hard work, chores, meetings, IOP and the list goes on: we were a family and always had FUN; we had dinner together, played games, went shopping (grocery/target) and celebrated birthdays, etc. In addition: Paige and the owners gave me a generous gift – that was unexpected; they financially helped me when I was in need.

I miss everyone but it was time for me to move on and become an adult and return to work and my kids – sober. I will forever be grateful to Paige and the entire Oaks Forest staff.