What have I learned as a parent watching my child suffer with addiction? So Much!! I’ve learned that relapse can sometimes be a big part of recovery.

When relapse occurs, your loved one needs people around them who understand what they’re going through.

RJ and his team at Oak Forest understand what it takes to pull them through and get them back on track. The cycle of relapse and recovery can be the hardest part for the family to accept.

Watching your loved one experience that struggle can be heart breaking. The great people at Oak Forest understand this cycle.

They helped us to understand that relapse is not a failure. These changes do not occur overnight, and require sincere determination to adhere to the principles of recovery.

When your love one is able to maintain their sobriety and live a full life, there’s no greater gift..

Thanks to RJ, Jerry and everyone there who surrounded our loved one with patience and understanding.

Thanks for all the patience and love. One Day at a Time.