I arrived at Oak Forest March 7th 2019.

I had just come off a short but very destructive relapse. I first impression of the house was that it was a very warm and welcoming environment.

I initially talked to Jerry and I felt his concern for me. Later I would meet RJ and I had an immediate feeling that i could trust him.

He shared about where his addiction and where it had taken him taken him and the process of him recovering from it . After moving into Oak Forest I felt welcomed by the other members of the house.

I was still working and the Oak Forest worked with me to get me to my job on time for the first two weeks. The structure that was provided by the house was instrumental in helping me set a routine for recovery.

There were morning and evening AA meetings that were mandatory that the house attend.

The house emphasized the importance of physical exercise in early recovery. Attending the gym daily was a requirement. I spent 82 days in total at Oak Forest.

This time gave me a safe and recovery oriented environment to work through my 12 steps. I would recommend Oak for men struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.