The people at OFR are genuinely concerned with helping others. They don’t just help you get a job and teach you how to look like you’ve gotten better.

Instead, they help you to actually get better. They don’t bark orders or make outrageous demands. They want to help you and they care about your life. Everything they ask you to do, as a client, they themselves do; They are up at the same time as the clients, attend the meetings and gym, are deeply embedded in the local recovery community and provide the helpful direction someone like me needs throughout the recovery process. They are honest and transparent and inherently foster a community and atmosphere with the same values.

Oak Forest Recovery showed me that there was a solution to my addiction that I never thought existed. All my various attempts in recovery before OFR, and ultimate relapses, left me more demoralized and hopeless than the last one.

Oak Forest truly saved my life and taught me the value of giving back to others like me. I am eternally grateful for the time I spent there and all the wonderful experiences that came with my stay. Engaging myself in the structure and program like my depended on it, combined with the motivation, encouragement, and direction from the people at Oak Forest, has changed my life and brought me to a place of comfort, happiness, and contentment in sobriety that I never knew was possible.

Oak Forest has given me the life of my dreams and reconnected me to the world and other people. It’s difficult to put it all into words but I’ve never experienced a place like OFR before. There is something truly special and unique about the people there who cared about my life and showed me the path of actual recovery.