I recently spent 3 months in Oak Forest. I was coming in from overseas and they were happy to pick me up from the airport and gave me time to settle in and acclimate to my totally new surroundings.

The days are very structured, which I think it great for a recovering addict, especially the younger guys that come through. It can take time to get used to the sometimes strict schedule and house rules, but I came out the other side feeling much healthier.

The lively atmosphere took some getting used to for me as well, but in the end it was a blessing as I left the house with a number of friends and connections to help me start on the next chapter of my life.

It’s my first couple of weeks out of the house and while I was worried I would have too much free time, I’m finding myself busy with a strong habit of going to the gym every day built up, along with a big new network of friends that has helped me find gainful employment extremely quickly.

I can definitely recommend Oak Forest as a place to live to ingrain healthy habits and get yourself oriented towards a productive future.