Words can’t describe what Oak Forest has done for me and my family.

I am forever grateful to Oak Forest and specifically RJ and Jerry.

They believed in me and never gave up on me even after I had given up on myself. The house is amazing. The guys in the house were great.

There were friendships and memories I made at Oak Forest that will be with me for the rest of my life. It took me 10 plus years of trying to do things on my own and not seeking help before I found oak forest. Oak forest helped me throughout my recovery and the fact i am sober today and have been for an extended period of time is a miracle. I have regained my family, children & friends and I saved my career. Life is

I never thought this kind of life was possible. Life today has exceeded all expectations and my outlook has never been brighter.

This is due to what I learned at Oak Forest. This place is fricken awesome.

If you are contemplating going to sober living I strongly recommend Oak Forest. Hands down they saved my life and have given me the life I always wanted.

RJ and Jerry are the two most sincere and honest people I know. They genuinely care about their clients and they will be a part of my life forever. I love Oak Forest.

An alcoholic