Oak Forest Recovery has given me my life back. I struggled with drug abuse for over 10 years and never thought there was an answer for me that I was a lost cause.

But I was absolutely proven wrong by the passionate caring and understanding care of Oak Forest and it’s staff RJ and Jerry. Ive seen other sober livings and this place by far has something good going .

I remember the first day I got to their house I got nothing but love and support by guys that could just relate and let me know it gets better. The impact RJ puts on his clients and their overall respect and demeanor is ground-breaking.

For once I feel a part of society and actually enjoy it. The brotherhood in that house is amazing. It’s more than just a sober living , its where you get a chance at a new life with endless possibilities. I was there for 7 months and now I get thank God everyday for allowing me to have the experience I had at Oak Forest.