Oak Forest Recovery was vital to me during my early sobriety. I arrived at the house immediately after a 30 day inpatient treatment center.

I am in my late 30’s and even though I had been drinking and using drugs for well over 15 years, I had never attempted to get sober before.

Before I entered rehab, the last couple years of my life had really spun out of control. I basically destroyed everything I had spent my entire adult life working hard for.

Realizing I had a huge problem with drugs and alcohol, I (with the support of my family) decided it was time to make some changes.

Oak Forest provided a safe and structured environment for me in integrate back into society and live a good sober life. RJ and Jerry, along with other people who have come through the house, work a very strong program themselves.

This was a huge motivating factor for me as it showed me that the recipe provided here really does work, as long as your willingness is there. Attending numerous AA meetings, obtaining a sponsor, and working the steps are a requirement of living in the house.

I can honestly say that those things have changed my life. I can also say that if I wasn’t living in a place that required me to do so initially, I wouldn’t have done them on my own and I don’t know that I would’ve stayed sober. I spent 3 months at Oak Forest and now looking back on my time there, I can’t imagine my early sobriety without the house.

There is also something special about the Conejo Valley in terms of sobriety and Oak Forest is immersed directly in the middle of it.

Thank You Oak Forest for all that you do.

-Noah B.