Our dual diagnosis program intention is for clients to get better as they begin to understand trauma and how it has affected their lives. Clinical sessions help clients learn important skills for coping with emotional distress. We want our clients to leave our program with a better understanding of themselves, an ability to change their destructive behaviors and tools to improve their relationships with others.
Our big goal is to help prospective clients and their loved ones put an end to the cycle of suffering and begin a new chapter of life that is centered around hope, healing and giving back. We are on a mission to help families heal by offering a best in class treatment program that is built upon the principles of integrity, compassion, excellence, growth and giving back. The OFR full immersion treatment program revolves around 3 core values:
Structured days that allow and encourage clients to actively participate in improving their mental, spiritual and physical health.

Clients are surrounded by people who have been where they are, understand how they feel and are examples of how to think better, act better and live better.

We offer cutting edge treatment modalities and best in class clinicians to help clients uncover core traumas, begin healing and develop new skills for healthy living.