Structured Sober Living

We help you fight addiction through
comprehensive treatment programs. 

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Structured Sober Living Home

Research supports the logical assumption that recovering alcoholics & addicts who commit to remaining in treatment for longer periods of time have a better chance of achieving permanent sobriety.  We have created a culture that keeps our clients safe while they immerse themselves in a culture of structure, recovery & community.

360 degrees of safety

Our primary goal is to keep you or your loved one safe while you are with us. Our sober living homes are staffed around the clock by compassionate, caring & well trained people who’s primary purpose is to maintain an environment of physical and emotional safety for our clients. The social support system that we have created helps our clients see, touch and feel a sober lifestyle that creates meaning and purpose for anyone who chooses it. The spirit of community that we have created helps our clients feel safe as they embrace a new, healthier way of living.

Full Immersion

Structured sober living clients are required to attend 12 step meetings, participate in daily exercise/movement and commit to acts of service within their community. They also attend organized social outings and events which helps them build a sense of community and support as they prepare to transition back into society.