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Educated in Recovery Systems.

Our family was your typical multi generation Southern California family with 3 healthy kids, with no history or experience with drug or alcohol addiction. Our family didn’t have the prior experience or knowledge of handling and managing a family member with the addiction disease. After checking our family member into rehabs, & sober living homes, we became educated about what systems best support long term recovery.

Our mission is to take everything we have learned and experienced to support our expanding community. We are committed to providing a safe, sober, structured environment. Your loved one can extend their sobriety while developing functional routines, healthy coping skills and daily habits to prevent relapse.

Robert, RJ, and Jerry
Robert, RJ, and Jerry
R.J. and Jerry

The Oak Forest Recovery Center assists men in finding passions & hobbies that they left behind due to their disease. Our home provides the residents an environment to begin their healing process.

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