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We want our clients to leave our program with a better understanding of themselves, an ability to change their destructive behaviors and tools to improve their relationships with others.

Speaking as a former client, I’ve never experienced anything like what Oak Forest has to offer. The level of care both individually and towards the group as a whole is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or been a part of. It really does become your home when you’re there. Words can’t explain the magic that happens here, it’s something you have to experience for yourself. If you or someone you live is in need of help I highly recommend giving Oak Forest a call ASAP!!
Alec Moreau
I had Been to a lot of programs and just never able to achieve lasting sobriety. I came to oak forest and got connected with RJ and Jerry and I am so grateful I did. I’ve been sober 19 months and have completely restored relationships with family. I have every opportunity to try and help other people come to sobriety. Oak Forest helped me plug into the solution and get into a productive schedule of mind, body and spirit. At the same time helping me build a fellowship and community where We constantly have fun in sobriety. Oak Forest went above and beyond by giving me job opportunities and always transporting me to work and other obligations throughout my time at Oak Forest. I wouldn’t recommend any program for someone looking for sobriety over Oak Forest Recovery.
Kevin Dunn
I lived at Oak Forest for over 90 days and it changed my life. I have lived in at least 7-8 other facilities throughout 30 years of active addiction and it has been the only one that focused primarily on completing the 12 steps. I personally never got past step 4 through all these years, yet while staying at Oak Forest I completed the crucial 9th step and received thorough instructions for continual work on 10,11 and 12. Oak Forest showed me the necessity of doing the steps, in such a way that it finally sunk in. I can honestly say that it was the support I received at Oak Forest that made it possible for me to move back into my home with my family and continue living as a sober, happy man in society. These guys are my “Band of Brothers”. I dearly love them and I will always be grateful for the love and support I received while living there.
Alexander Alexeff
The absolute best of the best when it comes to helping people recover and begin their life, where it should be. Oak Forrest helps their clients not only kick their bad habits but pick up an entirely new and healthy way of life. Seeing the helping hand of Oak Forrest in our community has completely changed my outlook on the recovery community, there truly are people out there working with a heart of service!
Davis Bartels
I only wish I could give Oak Forest 10 stars! There truly are no words to describe how grateful I am that my son ended up at Oak Forest. After 7 years of my son’s addiction, our family was literally destroyed. He had been in and out of numerous detox centers, in-patient rehabilitation facilities, sober living homes, etc. for years, and none of them worked for my son. Until he got to Oak Forest. Finding a place that has not only structure but also a community within itself was a huge key to my son’s success. Yes, he wanted to be sober, but Oak Forest is the only place that set him up with the right tools to get and STAY sober. Between the required meetings, mandatory step work, holding their clients accountable, and a tremendous amount of love and encouragement from RJ and the rest of the amazing team there, they have truly created a community. A place where those struggling can truly thrive. And grow. And learn to accept and love not only themselves but those around them. Because of Oak Forest, I have my son back. He is coming up on 3 years sobriety and is happy, healthy and living his best life. And our family is once again whole. I cannot possibly recommend Oak Forest any more as the best recovery program out there.
heather downey
Oak Forest changed my life. It embedded me with a solid program and helped me develop skills for a functional life again. RJ, Jerry, and especially Spencer have all been overwhelming supportive. With great insight and care. They not only brought back the old me but a better one. It’s not just about treatment but the emphasis on fellowship and community is really what brings it all together and has kept me sober even upon leaving. Thank you!
Karen Gregor
Oak Forest Recovery benefitted me in a number of ways. The first was the structure it provided me throughout the day which I took with me after my time in the program. You are constantly staying busy and moving through your day with the other clients as a kind of family. You are provided with the tools and methods you can use to succeed in any situation that may have caused you pain or grief in the past. The staff here is dedicated and happy to meet your needs as they have been through recovery themselves. The program works if you are willing to change and become a better person, spiritually and mentally. Even after leaving Oak Forest the program welcomes you back with open arms and will stay in touch with you to check up on you and see how you are doing once you are back on your feet.
Gianromano Piconi
I was a boy that was born and raised on the island of kauai i was addicted to drugs and alcohol for 28 years i checked myself in to oak forest recovery and work there awesome program and the outcome was more then I could have imagined i have made a lot of new friends and learned a whole new meaning of life, happiness, fellowship this program gave me the tool to stay sober in every situation that you may come across and i am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of this magical place
balls tayor
Almost 3 years ago, life seemed so dark & lonely! Seemed like everyone had abandoned my son & I ! My son knew I had his back! BUT his addiction was taking its toll on both of us! If something were to happen to him! I would be right behind him! In Jan of 2018 my son decided that he wanted to become SOBER ! Ask him the details ! By luck Alekz met RJ ! Rest is history ! My son has been SOBER almost 3 years ! Working @ Oak Forest Recovey! Now he’s helping others ! When you’re ready Oak Forest Recovery is a GREAT place to finding your REAL you! PLEASE give them a call! They know how to help !
Marco Khan
Being at Oak Forest was an amazing expirience. They created a safe and comfortable environment where I was able to learn and grow in my sobriety. I’m so grateful for everyone there, the support they’ve given me and the friendships I’ve gained. Love you guys!!
Colleen Carroll
Oak Forrest is a wonderful place for people to get and stay sober My daughter has had addiction for many years and our family and hers were destroyed. She had tried to stop and went to a few rehabs and was unsuccessful until she came to Oak Forest. We were desperate to get her help and felt that she would not live much longer going down the path she was going. We meet Jerry and Rj and Spencer and brought Stephanie back to meet them and it was the most amazing place ever. We had our friend Rose Castro help us with through her JC Foundation we couldn’t be happier. They have a very structured program , meetings step work and hold them accountable. The encouragement they give to their clients is soo helpful to making them feel like they are part of a community of sober living and a place they can thrive .and be successful My daughter is learning to love herself again and her family. It is soo wonderful to have our daughter coming back to her old and improved self. She is confident and we are soo appreciative to Rj,Jerry and Spencer and of course Rose. I honesty did not think this could ever happen. This is the best recovery program out there and I Highly Recommend Oak Forest Recovery. Thank You All Soo Much.
Sandee Sandoval
My time at Oak Forest was nothing short of amazing. I went through a life changing experience and absolutely attribute my success to RJ, and the staff at Oak Forest. After spending years trying to change my life, and countless other recovery centers, I found peace at Oak Forest. Through working with RJ and the amazing staff at Oak Forest, I was able to find a new way of living in which I now feel comfortable in my own skin, without the use of toxic behaviors. If you or anyone is curious about changing some bad behaviors, there is honestly no better place than Oak Forest. The methods used at Oak Forest have been proven to work for any person with willingness to change, and I could not recommend it more highly.
Matt Larsen
My experience in recovery has been elevated to a different level with the community I have found at Oak Forest Recovery. I have a lot of love and respect for RJ and Jerry and the recovery culture they have created in the Conejo Valley. Love you guys!
Sammy Martinez
Great team who cares and support for those who need it.
Mike Wagner
I spent a total of around 4 months here in the last year and have had a great experience. They provide you with the tools you need to getting back on your feet and how to live life sober again. They provide you With rides anywhere you need to be and just keep you in a very structured routine where everyone including your housemates,and staff will keep you accountable. It is amazing to see the growth from the day you came in to the day you depart where you actually find yourself again.
evan somoza
I have had the pleasure of working at Oak Forest Recovery as the house manager for about 9 months and it has been one of my greatest joys. We are a family at Oak Forest and work together as one to get sober. Working with the guys there and watching them reconnect with their families and become productive members of society has been an honor. I am blessed to be apart of that. The staff we have working around the clock to add the structure to Oak Forest are incredible to work with and become far more than co workers. Oak Forest Recovery saves lives and will continue to do what is in the best interest of these men and their families. I am proud to be apart of Oak Forest.
Marcos Vega
Oak forest recovery saved my life I spent a year and a half there. The staff was amazing and was there for me from the begging to end. It gave me the structure and support I needed. Everyone there has now become my family and I have now been given the opportunity to work there and help people just like what was done for me.
ryan mackey
Oak Forest Recovery is a amazing all men's sober living home. I had the pleasure of being able to go through this house on my path to a better life. OFR taught me life skills with their regimented schedule. Week days we were all up at 5:30 for breakfast an coffee. 7 am morning meetings followed by 2 hours of gym with all the men in the house. We would then go back to the house for lunch and step work, job searches, and some house bonding. Later in the evening was usually another meeting followed by house dinner and bed time at 10:00. Weekends were planned adventures, time spent with family, meetings and the gym. Having such a laid out schedule allowed me to learn time management for when I left the house, I still use this schedule in my daily life. I was able to work through all my steps with me sponsor before leaving with a good foundation to continue working on my sobriety. My sobriety date is November 6, 2017 and I truly believe that I would not have been able to get and stay sober with out this key element and safe place to start my journey. I am eternal grateful of Oak Forest Recovery and all the men that make this house what it is today.
Shaun Snider
I love all the guys and whole OFR team. I have been seeing them consistently at our local gym every morning at 8:30AM and am so happy to watch what they are doing for our community. Alcoholism has touched my family and it brings me so much joy to watch the sobriety these men and women are achieving at Oakie!! Love you guys! Keep up the good work!!
I just got a year sober and it's because Oak Forest Recovery truly saved my life and taught me the value of giving back to others like me. I am eternally grateful for the time I spent there and all the wonderful experiences that came with my stay. Engaging myself in the structure and program like my life depended on it, combined with the motivation, encouragement, and direction from the people at Oak Forest, has changed my life and brought me to a place of comfort, happiness, and contentment in sobriety that I never knew was possible. Oak Forest has given me the life of my dreams and reconnected me to the world and other people. It’s difficult to put it all into words but I’ve never experienced a place like OFR before. There is something truly special and unique about the people there who cared about my life and showed me the path of actual recovery.
Scott patrick
I love working at Oak Forest. They've built a wonderful community for recovering addicts, which provides them with structure, care and real talk. The guys who live there are working hard to improve their lives and help others. I highly recommend the program here.
alina Serrao
Oak Forest Recovery will always be a part of my family for the rest of our lives. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in bringing my husband back to me and my children's father back to them. I don't know where we'd be today with out you. Everyone played a role in my husband's sobriety. From he, himself in making the decision to be willing, to the guys in the home, to the owner RJ, and his sponsor Peter. From an ocean away, I quickly learned that this place is more than just a treatment center, it's a home away from home with a genuine desire to help those in need. All tho my husband is home now, he still remains connected to those in the home. Stays in contact daily with RJ, Marcos, and Peter. They've become a part of Ohana. If you are looking for help, look no further and get in touch with Oak Forest Recovery. You won't be disappointed. This place changes people from the inside out like I've never seen before.
Jackie Williams
The love and care at Oak Forest Recovery saved my life and brought a father back to my kids, a husband back to my wife, a son back to my parents, and a brother back to my sister. I continue to practice what I learned in my daily life and am forever grateful. MAHALO NUI
Tayton Williams
These guys really go above and beyond for the clients there. We all do things together as a family. Meetings, stepwork, the gym. The men here are now my brothers. These guys helped pull me up from the gates of homelessness and hell to show me how to live a helpful abundant sobriety.
Chuck Parker
I am currently employed at OFR and enjoy coming into work everyday! It really makes a difference when you come into work knowing you’re making a difference in helping others change their lives. The emphasis on structure and building a strong foundation is what makes this home one of a kind. Clients only have one concern while living at OFR , which is building a sober life for themselves and working the 12 steps. We take care of each other here and change lives. Come check us out.
Nick Talmo
Oak forest doesn’t feel like a sober living, it feels like a frat house of recovery. This family of guys has kept me sober for months and the management act so genuine, sometimes I forget they are in charge of us. It’s hard to even call them management, everyone is family at oak forest. I know every single sober living in the Thousand Oaks- to-Agoura area, and Oak forest is hands down the most genuine, forgiving, and loving place I’ve ever been to. When I got here, I tried to leave 4 times, and was brought back every time even though I was convinced I wasn’t getting sober. Some how RJ, Marcos, and Jerry has enough love and tolerance for alcoholics to keep me until I realized how comforting and caring this place is. Oak forest gave me this ability to go to 2 or more meetings a day, eat whatever I want, and be in contact with the fellowship almost non stop, it wouldn’t be possible without the all these amazing men who honestly saved my life. Oak forest isn’t just a sober living, it’s a necessity to finding a solution to this disease
Riley Witting
I've had the privilege of sponsoring several men who have been residents at Oak Forest. The structured sober living program that RJ, Jerry, Marcos & Nick run is top notch. Accountability, responsibility, right action and recovery are the focus. Everything is designed to help men turn their lives around so they can be welcomed back into their families & communities AND become productive members of society. OFR is a wonderful facility that has a program that works.
Peter Beckwith
Oak Forest Recovery will always be a part of my family for the rest of our lives. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in bringing my husband back to me and my children's father back to them. I don't know where we'd be today with out you. Everyone played a role in my husband's sobriety. From he, himself in making the decision to be willing, to the guys in the home, to the owner RJ, and his sponsor Peter. From an ocean away, I quickly learned that this place is more than just a treatment center, it's a home away from home with a genuine desire to help those in need. All tho my husband is home now, he still remains connected to those in the home. Stays in contact daily with RJ, Marcos, and Peter. They've become a part of Ohana. If you are looking for help, look no further and get in touch with Oak Forest Recovery. You won't be disappointed. This place changes people from the inside out like I've never seen before.
Jackie Williams
Amazing recovery, and solidarity at this house! It’s a beautiful and serene environment to get sober and build a great foundation for long term sobriety.
christine ferguson
Spent 3 months here in the summer of 2018. Oak Forest was a necessary step for me in getting and staying sober. I can not recommend this place enough for people and families desperate to make a change.
Noah Brown
Best sober living Around hands down. The staff and clients are amazing people and helped give me a life beyond my imagination.
Alex Khanlian
Oak forest helped me transition back into a normal sober life after years of struggling with addiction. Jerry and rj were great mentors and walked with me on my journey to success. Today im celebrating one year of sobriety
Matthew Gordon
Oak Forest provides hospitality purpose and structure to everyday life I couldn't have done it without them thank you.
Stephen Davis
Finding Oak Forest Recovery was meant to be. It's location, environment, and welcoming people made me feel this was a great fit for my son. He is 7 months sober, in part to this awesome recovery house program. If you are able to visit Oak Forest, I recommend it. You will understand how UNIQUE it is. If you live too far, you can trust me. You won't be disappointed when you arrive at this 2 acre haven. Everyone there, whether clients or staff, are extremely out going, friendly, and helpful. They truly care about you and helping you in your journey to recovery. I know first hand RJ and Jerry, also care about the client's family members. They were always available, to answer my questions and concerns. I learned, my part is to give encouragement and support. Which in turn will help him achieve, in taking, One Day At A Time. Lastly, I am so appreciative to have gotten to know, RJ and Jerry. Thank you, for your patience and guidance in this journey with my son. .............Call RJ or Jerry.........they are always available to help you.
Leslie Rousselet
Great place to go to help you get sober ! Place saved my life!
Jason Broome

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