Our recovery clients and their families have incredible stories to share. Their experiences are priceless examples of what can be done when a loved one finally decides to surrender.

Through these examples we hope to lend some advice, hope and inspiration to those still suffering with the disease of alcoholism and addiction, along with the peace of mind that can come from knowing a little more about our program right from the families and individuals who have come through Oak Forest.

It’s our hope that you or your loved one will be the next story of recovery to share with the world and who will then in turn help the alcoholic/addict who is still suffering.

Thanks to RJ, Jerry and everyone there who surrounded our loved one with patience and understanding.
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They helped us to understand that relapse is not a failure. These changes do not occur overnight, and require sincere determination to adhere to the principles of recovery. When your love one is able to maintain their sobriety and live a full life, there’s no greater gift..

In my opinion, it all begins with the Manager which is Paige. She truly cares for all the clients, she is an amazing leader, and she is 100% involved in all aspects.
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Paige went out of her way to help me. I was living at another sober living which was toxic and she picked me up and took me to the Oaks Forest location without us knowing one another.

I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of gratitude for the experiences and relationships I’ve gained from being a part of Oak Forest.
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The staff along with the friends I gained there help me to find a new direction and purpose in life. They provided me with everything I needed to succeed.

Oak Forest Recovery provided me a safe environment where I could grow mentally, physically and spiritually.
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There was always a sense of community. the most important thing was that a spiritual awakening through a 12 step program was paramount.

Riley smiles now and he never has before. It comes from within.
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Through Oak Forest Recovery and the powerful AA community he has found there, he is now able to stop seeking ways to numb himself from the emptiness but instead fill it with community and a higher power.

I built strong genuine relationships with people in the program that have continued to keep me accountable and made me feel supported as I continue to grow in recovery.
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I am so grateful that through Jerry and Rj I was given the opportunity to experience what being sober is all about and am excited to give back the love and support that was given to me.

Oak Forest Recovery got me out of my life problem, despite my many years with a drinking problem
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Oak Forest Recovery truly got me on the straight and narrow. I’ve never seen any recovery home, provide for its clients the way Oak Forest Recovery does so.

I am not your typical alcoholic. I had everything going for me
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Peter S.

an executive job at a Fortune 500 company, a home in the Southern California and a wife and child whom were the joys of my life. I started drinking later in life (early 50’s) but once I started, I couldn’t stop.

Immediately after my arrival at the center I began to feel better.
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Jack L

I immediately began attending twice daily meetings with the guys and was again overwhelmed at the sheer joy I felt and experienced among the people at AA meetings.

Oak Forest Recovery is a 5-star Sober Living House
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Finding Oak Forest Recovery was a blessing for our family. It was important for our son to feel comfortable, but also be in a safe house, for us.

The month I spent at Oak Forest was an amazing and critically important part of my sobriety.
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Aaron S.

The staff is second-to-none and the structured living is exactly what I needed in my recovery. I’ve developed lifelong friends from my experience there, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is ready to change their life!

I would recommend Oak Forest for men struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.
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I arrived at Oak Forest March 7th 2019.
I had just come off a short but very destructive relapse. I first impression of the house was that it was a very warm and welcoming environment. I initially talked to Jerry and I felt his concern for me. Later I would meet RJ and I had an immediate feeling that i could trust him.

Oak Forest has given me the life of my dreams and reconnected me to the world and other people.
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The people at OFR are genuinely concerned with helping others. They don't just help you get a job and teach you how to look like you've gotten better.

Instead, they help you to actually get better. They don’t bark orders or make outrageous demands. They want to help you and they care about your life.

I can definitely recommend Oak Forest as a place to live to ingrain healthy habits and get yourself oriented towards a productive future.
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I recently spent 3 months in Oak Forest. I was coming in from overseas and they were happy to pick me up from the airport and gave me time to settle in and acclimate to my totally new surroundings.

I can not express our appreciation for their outstanding work and urge you to trust in them to have your interests at heart, above of their own.
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Cindy Gray

I am writing on behalf of Oak Forest Recovery. Although they have not requested a letter of recommendation from me, I am writing to help others who may be struggling with addiction.

If you are contemplating going to sober living I strongly recommend Oak Forest.
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An alcoholic

I never thought this kind of life was possible. Life today has exceeded all expectations and my outlook has never been brighter.

Oak Forest Recovery was vital to me during my early sobriety.
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Noah B.

I spent 3 months at Oak Forest and now looking back on my time there, I can’t imagine my early sobriety without the house.

Oak Forest saved my life and I am indebted to them forever...
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They not only helped me with my program, they provided great guidance and support to my wife and kids, helping them navigate this very tough and emotional time.

Oak Forest Recovery has given me my life back.
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The brotherhood in that house is amazing. It's more than just a sober living , its where you get a chance at a new life with endless possibilities.

Our family will endlessly be grateful for RJ and the opportunity he provided to our son to help him rediscover the amazing person that he is!
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Debby, Mother of Client Ryan C.

Sobriety is hard work and it takes determination and hope that success can be had. This place has shown our son that life can be great and that you can be successful with the help of this program and others going through the same experiences.

I cannot thank RJ and Oak Forest Recovery enough for what they have done for our son and our family!
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RJ and his sober living home was the hope I had been praying for!

I will be grateful every day of my life to RJ and Jerry thank you guys so much!
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Nick C

I owe my life to Oak Forest Recovery and the 12 step program of AA as they they have given me one worth living.

I feel like I have my life back again and this life is a life I never thought I would or could ever have.
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Through a lot of self searching and the help of the amazing Oak Forest Recovery team I am now talking with my family again on their terms, I have an amazing job that I would never of found without this program and I am still working on paying off my debt, but I have a good plan for how I will accomplish that. 

For the first time in many years I believe my son Jordan has an excellent chance at a bright future.
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I believe your philosophy of keeping busy during early recovery and incorporating healthy eating and exercise has made a real difference this time. You’ve shown him how to live a healthy life, to be consistent with his daily routine and I can see a sense of self worth in him now.

I was looking for a place to change old behaviors, and what I found Oak Forest assisted me in a life transformation.
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Oak Forest provided a beautiful setting to get a reboot on life. The home is new, fresh, clean, and most important safe! If you have no clue on what getting clean and sober looks like, Oak Forest is a step in the right direction.

With the help of RJ Elizarraz my children have their father back, and I have a loving husband again.
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The saying goes, one step back to take two steps forward. Myself and our family took one step back to gain countless steps forward.


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