Mental Health Clinical Program

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What to expect: Mental Health Clinical Program

Our intention is for clients to get better as they begin to understand trauma and how it has affected their lives. Clinical sessions help clients learn important skills for coping with emotional distress, managing urges and cravings and building self esteem.  We want our clients to leave our program with a better understanding of themselves, an ability to change their destructive behaviors and tools to improve their relationships with others. 

Levels of Care

Our program is divided into 2 separate levels of care - IOP & PHP. IOP clients participate in 3 hours of therapy per day. PHP clients participate in 6 hours of therapy per day. After an assessment of the level of care the client needs we design a customized clinical IOP or PHP treatment program that includes individual therapy and group therapy. When appropriate, we will also provide family therapy. Clients participate in treatment 5 days per week.

Treatment Modalities

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) gives clients the ability to recognize how events/triggers can create thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause negative results in their life. Through CBT new thought patterns and neural pathways can be created, inspiring positive outcomes in daily life. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) helps clients learn how to tolerate overwhelming emotions and distress through emotional regulation and tolerance skills like mindfulness; intrapersonal skills development to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness helps clients understand who they are in relation to self. Interpersonal skills development like acquiring emotional intelligence and developing better communication skills to encourage healthy relationships with family and friends are also at the core of our curriculum.

Community Support & 12 Step Recovery

Our clinical program works in sync with our structured sober livings. Our experience is that clients who are enrolled in our structured sober livings tend to have faster and more impactful breakthroughs. Cooperation between structured sober livings and treatment programs helps clients build discipline and confidence through a structured daily routine that connects them with like minded people. Structured sober living clients are required to attend 12 step meetings, participate in daily exercise/movement and commit to acts of service within their community. They also attend organized social outings and events which helps them build a sense of community and support as they prepare to transition back into society.