Existential Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Therapy plays a major role in the process of an addiction rehab program. Across the country, recovery programs combine therapeutic modalities with proven treatment for a complete care plan. The overall purpose of existential therapy is to allow clients to explore their lived experience honestly, openly and comprehensively. Through this spontaneous, collaborative process of discovery, clients are helped to gain a clearer sense of their experiences and the subjective meanings they may hold.

Drug addiction doesn’t just affect people physically. It also seriously impacts them emotionally, to the point where many develop a severe existential crisis. This serious condition can cause depression, anxiety, increased addiction dependency, and even suicidal thoughts. Thankfully, existential crises and drug addiction can be addressed with a process called existential therapy.

What Is Existential Therapy?

Existential therapy addresses your mental health concerns and your drug addiction by examining your life and your life choices, centering on several different aspects, including:

  • Personal values
  • Deepest desires and dreams
  • Mortality/death
  • Personal isolation
  • The meaning (or meaninglessness) of life
  • Personal responsibility for your life
  • Freedom of choice in sculpting the direction of your life

Existential therapy focuses on multiple very serious aspects of your life and can be an emotionally difficult and wildly probing treatment method. However, tackling these big questions can help you get a grip on your life, find out what truly matters to you, and help steer you away from an existential crisis and back to a deeper understanding of reality.

How Does Existential Therapy Work?

The key goal of existential therapy is to create “personal authenticity” in your life. Essentially, it helps you realize when you are deceiving yourself, why you are deceiving yourself, and why your life keeps falling into a rigid series of unfortunate actions. You and a therapist will discuss these difficult subjects and identify actions and beliefs which block your true nature and lead to the compulsive actions that have derailed your life. Raising your awareness of your behavior and guiding you away from them is essential to existential therapy.

How Does Existential Therapy Help With Drug Addiction?

People are creatures of habit and often allow for their minds and behaviors to be dictated by whatever feels comfortable and normal, no matter how harmful the result of said behaviors. This is true even of drug addiction: people addicted to drugs often feel more comfortable and “normal” when high. They are suffering from an existential crisis: they no longer understand reality and cling to any type of comfort they can find. Existential therapy will take the comforting behavioral blanket of addiction, tear it from your hands, and give you the freedom you need to regain control of your life.

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