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Life Changing Recovery for Individuals Struggling with Mental Health & Substance Abuse. A complete recovery ecosystem consisting of 5 gender specific sober livings and mental health/trauma focused treatment center consisting of PHP & IOP levels of care. A new treatment paradigm through 360 degrees of safety and full immersion treatment.

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Men's Sober Living

The road to recovery can be difficult to navigate, especially when you’re dealing with other responsibilities and stresses throughout the day. At Oak Forest Recovery, it’s our mission to help make your journey to sober living as smooth as possible. Our 12-step spiritual program gives you the opportunity to take a step back from the hectic day-to-day so you can take time to focus on yourself and your health.

One of the most important factors in your recovery is stable, structured housing. That’s why Oak Forest Recovery offers men’s sober living opportunities in a luxury home environment. During your stay with us, you’ll enjoy living in an all-inclusive, 16-bed house on a 2.2 acre property in Agoura Hills.

Our men’s sober living house includes a high-quality, luxury kitchen and a chic, stylish living room. Bond with other clients in the game room or at the bonfire pit, and stay connected with your community in the meeting hall.

A Sense of Community

Recovery from addiction is challenging, but at Oak Forest Recovery you don’t need to do it alone. Our 12-step program with high-structured housing gives you the tools you need to build a better future for yourself.

Unlike other men’s sober living opportunities, Oak Forest Recovery understands how important it is that you’re supported by others who are recovering from addiction and have made their way through our program before. Led by program alumni, our men’s sober living allows you to bond with others who understand what you’re going through. At Oak Forest Recovery, you can enjoy a sense of community that redefines recovery and sets you on the right path.

Ready to learn more about our recovery program and how our 12-step recovery process works? Contact Oak Forest Recovery about our men’s sober living opportunities today. 



Bedroom 1

Living Room


Meeting Hall

Living Room

Study Office


Bedroom 2

Living Room

Game Room

RJ & Jerry at Ribbon Cutting

Bonfire Pit


Oak Forest Recovery

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Alec Moreau

Speaking as a former client, I’ve never experienced anything like what Oak Forest has to offer. More

Kevin Dunn

I had Been to a lot of programs and just never able to achieve lasting sobriety. I came to oak forest and got connected with RJ and Jerry and I am so grateful I did.  More

Alexander Alexeff

I lived at Oak Forest for over 90 days and it changed my life. I have lived in at least 7-8 other facilities throughout 30 years of active addiction and it has been the only one that focused primarily on completing the 12 steps. More

Karen Gregor

Oak Forest changed my life. It embedded me with a solid program and helped me develop skills for a functional life again. More

Davis Bartels

The absolute best of the best when it comes to helping people recover and begin their life, where it should be. More