What Is the Difference Between Transitional and Supportive Housing?

transitional housing in los angeles

Housing after addiction or during recovery can be hard to come by. Only 10% of Americans as a whole that are dealing with addiction will actually receive the treatment that they need. That being said, knowing what type of housing and what type of treatment centers there are can make a big difference.

What Is Transitional Housing?

In terms of those dealing with addiction and addiction recovery, transitional housing is a temporary housing solution that is used as you pass from one type of treatment to the next. This can be the temporary housing you use before you go back to your own home, housing that is used as you move from one facility to the next, and so on.

What Is Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing is a type of housing solution that is used when you are undergoing treatment or when you need care above and beyond what you could get on your own or what you could get in a transitional housing setting. This type of housing is also another word for a live in center or a live in facility.

Which Is Best?

Both traditional and supportive housing are beneficial to those that are dealing with addiction and when you are dealing with recovery from that addiction. Supportive housing is generally the first step to care and the first step to recovery. You will be given supportive housing that allows you to get the treatment and the care that you need to recover and to actually start to recover.

As you get better and as you go through the treatment, you may be referred to transitional housing. For those looking for transitional housing in Los Angeles, Oak Forest Recovery offers both transitional and supportive housing options.

Taking the time to learn what sort of treatment you need, what sort of facility is going to work best for you, and what sort of treatment program is going to help you work through your recovery is essential. With the right facility and the right team, you can start to recover, get past your addiction, and get past the issues that you are dealing with. The right center and the right program make such a huge difference and can truly help you to recover and to get back to yourself and back to the life you want to live.

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